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Something About Sample

By Admin on 2016-11-22 09:48:24 posted in Trade Learning

There more or less are some disputes or temporary unpleasure during the transactions with customers, therefore, complaints could be received sometimes also because dissatisfaction are somehow showed through language. Let's have a look at this poor guy in the case study.

It's basically known that our fan has followed the requirement of customer to produce samples. however, how to do if customers are unhappy because of the sample size? How should we do when we meet this kinds of the problem, or how can we avoid the emergence of this problem?

According to this case, there are two situations we should  notice: first of all, the customer had already received the sample, but he was dissatisfied with the size, now we should focus on the design and quality of confirming that if the customer was satisfied.  if he was satisfied,we can change the size to avoid the same mistakes.

The second case is that the customer is the "Fake customer". what should we do if they just want to get the sample? Take the case above for example,the fans'product has several style and several  size,we can suggest customer choose different size and different design, telling the customer that we have a great variety of models and in this way we can avoid facing the "Fake customer". if the customer has strong purchase intention, he will accept our suggestions and if it is a  Specialized Custom-made, reasonable sample should be charged accordingly.

Therefore, it's very important to fulfill the customer's requirement while sometimes our careful suggestion could be essential to no matter customer judgement or orders.

I don't know whether you have met customers like who are extremely strict with the design or function of the products. In this case, you'd better say something more.





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