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Key points of being a successful salesman

By Admin on 2016-09-28 19:46:36 posted in Trade Learning

People always said that, there always be ways of success and ways of failure. When you take part in a job at the beginning, the most important thing is to understand the meaning of pay. We want to look for the exit in the dark, and we have to grope in the dark. While the experience is already your treasure and so is the cost, and the grope is a process of pay of the cost. You will gain the things your want only after your cost of grope accumulates to the bottom line of success. And it will be excellent of us if we can do one thing successfully in our life.

And as a salesman, some key points will make a difference for your success as the follows:

Firstly, we need to overcome the weakness of the human nature and to set up the advantages of it. We need to have the ambition which means the heart of success and enterprise.With such motivation, we will have the determination and willpower to move on and over come every diffculty.

Second, we need to have a good attitude, earnest and responsible. We need to make every efforts to do the thins that we thing it is worthy. Also, if we choose the way of being a salesman, we need to be responsable for ourselves and our customers by doing everything seriously.

Thirdly,  perseverance. It is a long term process of doing foreign trade. Some people may say, doing the foreign trade, you may not get any business for three years, but if you get one business, you may gain the big profit from it. But the premise of you get the business is to accumulate perseverly which means to accumulate your customers resources, to accumulate your experience of the foreign trade sales, products introduction, and communication skills and to improve your ability. This is an ongoing process of pay. No paid no gains. But the return will not always come as an order, or comes right after you paid. It will be in others ways to return you in the future. Many people don't know the power of perseverance and determination, so they doubt themselves and want to give up after several months without any orders. We need to know that perseverance and working hard is the key points of success no matter as a sales man or others.

Forth, Mentality. Many people feel depressed and are defeated by the difficulties or setback. But the thing we need to konw is that everything has two sides, we need to see the good side of it and then we can face them and overcome them. And we should know that every day is a new beginning and every bad thing goes. We need to learn self adjusting and keep an usual mind.

Sasleman is a very challenging job. The one who is aspiring has the power to face every failure and setback with good attitude and keep moving on with perseverance and succeed in achieving his goal.


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