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Have You Reached the Efforts?

By Admin on 2016-11-22 11:03:38 posted in Trade Learning

Doing business with foreigners, we must know about their way of thinking first. When doing business with customers from Asia and the Middle East, we should be patient since they are clear about the resources and the advantage of non-transparent information is comparatively weak. Let me tell you a secret, virtually, many customers like and appreciate our taking "efforts". 

Why do I add the quotation mark on efforts? Because we need to pretend to be hardworking most often and this is the skill as well as a psychological tactics. Now let's see what we should do exactly.

1.Customer complaint:

This is the most challenging part of the salesperson's tactics of efforts. When dealing with customer complaints, the key is procrastination. However, never let your customers find it but let they believe you are really working hard, insist on and think of the customers. It is just because of the objective reason that you failed every time. If you want to be a good salesperson, this is a must to greatly eliminate the loss. But if the goods bring troubles or problems to the customer, you are bound to make a terminal solution and be responsible. Delaying doesn’t mean not solving or no results, it is just we need to figure out the problem of the products, the loss amount of the customer, the number of compensation he wants and whether we can afford it etc.

2.Customer Bargain:

When we have already informed the reasons of the price and analyzed the relative costs but the customer still can't accept it, we can ask him for the target price and say we need to request the leader. In this way, we can not only know the price in the customer’s mind but also leave some space for ourselves. Don't respond to the ideal price from customer immediately, but put it aside for a while and write a long mail, telling that the general manager is busy in business trips and we finally win a chance to ask for the price after thousands of calls and here is the final price. Can you live with this? What’s more, you can tell the customer that you have complimented a lot to strive for the price. Usually, the price for big customer is higher than this one and is accepted. Therefore, we give him the special price only this time and we wish he can keep the secret. And there is no more special price next time.

3.Efforts in following-up:

Many people think they don't know how to chat with customers, and the mails are similar and lack of innovation. Virtually, every procedure in the manufacture can be a topic and a way to show your effort. During the process of following up, the can also continuously recommend products to the customers and stimulate demand.

Show your efforts with tactic and appropriate level. First, you need to train your thinking. Think in a foreigner's way and pay attention to their focuses. Learn to think in other's way is really beneficial and useful.

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