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Write Your Perfect Email

By Jenny on 2016-11-14 14:50:14 posted in Trade Skills

In some previous articles, I have shared the knowledge about how to reply to the foreign trade Emails. Today I will show you one of the cases, hoping all of you can learn something from it.

First, the inquiry, we can refer the format introduced before:

Dear XX,

Thanks a lot for inquiry, to comply with your request. We would like to give you an offer as follows:

Name of product:XXX

The price and the trade terms:XXX

Packing unit and the capacity of containers:XXX

Validity of price:XXX

Times of shipment:XXX

Please refer to the attachment to get the COA recently (within 3 months) ,the picture of packages and packing photos. I know your rule is LC+pre-inspection in Bandladesh.Please notice which third party you will choose,SGS or BV?

So the customer will replied:

You have been in the market of Bandladesh for many years, right? You know the rules very well. But I am sorry to say that your offer is too high, our target price is XX. Can you accept it?

At this time, the Email we reply should show our experience of this field and know well the rules of market. For one thing, it can build up customer’s trust to us. For another thing, the customer will feel easier to communicate with us.


Yes,we have been in the market of Bandladesh for many years.Every month,we export ** about 8 containers.All to Chittagong.The payment is LC. About the third party pre-inspection I advise SGS.SGS Shanghai is very fimilar with our products.BV may not make the inspection about the quality.

The following contents of emails are something about the bargain. I have sorted out something to learn. For example, if customer says it will be acceptable with a price of 1020usd, otherwise, it’s impossible to cooperate.

You can show your strengths to refuse such low price:

1.We have been in the market for many years.We know all the rules in Bangladesh.

2.I am expert in LC.We can finish all the documents and presenting to the bank very quickly without any problem.You can get all the documents and take the cargos as soon as possible.

3.we can promise the quality.because we are using **which is being produced by our own line.**is the most important raw material of another product we are producing now.That means we must produce best quality ** to support our factory.

4.Our operation is very professional.You have seen all the packing picture to the containers.Many customers of mine show our packing pictures to their clients.your client will be more and more close to you becuase you are using high-level raw metarial.

So I believe you will choose us to cooperate!

Customer replies:

Your competitor offered a price of 1050usd, if you agree, we can sign the contact now, but if not, I am really sorry.

Our reply:

I believe what you need is a Partner not a seller!Please have some further discussion with the companies who are offering 1050usd some questions: can they accept LC? Are they professional in LC? Are they good enough not to make some troubles to you because of LC?

The faith of our company is to get the market by professional operation,not by low price. We will make every customer assured.I believe our faith is the same.

Customer made a further bargain:

Yes, to some extent, we just attach importance to the price and overlook other problems, but price is really an important factor, isn’t it? How about 1060usd?

Our reply:

we really have given you big concessions. Privately speaking, I want to decrease some for you. But I am not the boss. I have to apply for you again. I will give you our boss' decision later

We can give a brief summary of it:

1.It's really important to show your profession, because customer will know that from every word of your emails.

2.You should master about well about the rules. For example, you can firmly to tell this customer many relevant policies of Bangladesh.

3.You should offer some advantages for your customer to choose you, maybe it's the price or your professionalism.

Never mention any regulation of your company before your customer, because it's possible for them to press us using their own regulations.

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