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When Customers Hold the Order

By Jenny on 2020-11-06 09:59:30 posted in Trade Skills

I believe many people have such anxieties. Some customers clearly have no problems. After many times of bargaining, the quotation is finally confirmed. After hard negotiation, a consensus is reached on the quantity. The payment method is completely acceptable. There is no doubt about other relevant details, but they never confirm the order. No matter how much we wait and how we urge them, the customers still have no response and we don't know what they want to do?


In the face of this situation, the only thing most salesmen think of is to keep urging. Pushing step by step from email to SMS, from SMS to chattools, from chat tools to telephone. Generally, this method is beneficial if it is used properly, but it has some disadvantages if the scale is not well mastered. It can cause the customer's annoyance at least, offend the customer even be pulled into the blacklist. In fact, salesmen regard such customers who have confirmed all the order information as the ducks coming to their mouths,so we will not let them fly away easily. If the customer doesn't reply, or ifthe order is not finalized, we have to ask them and understand the situation.


In fact, there is nothing wrong with this in essence. The salesman who is eager for orders and has passion is a good salesman. But the customer does not place an order, the majority has the intrinsic reason, also has the following realistic difficulty. For example, thefollowing reasons are the possibility that the customer cannot confirm theorder immediately:

1. The sales plan has not been determined


2.Need to shop around to choose the mostsuitable supplier


3.They need to use your offer to hold down old suppliers


4.This project is not urgent


5.Customers have limited budget and are waiting for funds


6. It is in the stage of supplier screening and checking


7.Not sure if the supplier is reliable


There are many factors that buyers need toconsider comprehensively when making decisions, and the most real reason isonly known to customers. Sometimes the salesman may not be able to find out the truth, and it is difficult to guess the situation behind from the surface. So how to do a good job in the relevant follow-up?


Generally speaking, it is not feasibleto take the initiative to reduce the price based on these circumstances,because this is a disorderly move, which will only make the customer feel that there is still more room for price reduction at the price already determined.Such a rash and active price reduction is naturally of no help to confirm the order. Sometimes the price is not the most important factor when the customerfulfills the order. But price is also the most direct and important factor.Therefore, although the price can be reduced, there must be a reason to reducethe price. For example, take the initiative to understand the customer's targetprice, and throw an acceptable target price for the customer, so that the ordercan be formed naturally.

Combined with email and information,after we have discussed and confirmed all the relevant details, we can preparepi to the customer. If the customer doesn't give a reply, follow up again andfind out the root cause of the customer's failure to confirm the order, then decide whether to shelve or cancel the order, and then communicate with thecustomer tactfully.

Pay more attention to customers' social platform dynamics and be active in their social circles. For example, in the customer's dynamic message or like, let them notice you and think of the order. In addition, you can  also communicatevia email and telephone from time to time, customers will naturally be willingto take the initiative to communicate with you about the progress of the project or the order situation.


In the follow-up process of customers, in addition to a passion, but also need some technical negotiation to get the trust of customers and long-term support.

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