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Shall We Quote Directly?

By Admin on 2016-12-09 10:43:28 posted in Trade Skills

About how to modify the inquiry, today I don't want to introduce the elementary content, but let us learn what should we do after analyzing weather the inquiry is effective or not. It's absolutely not just the quotation!
Must look
1.The introduction of customer's company
The property of the enterprise (importer, trader, wholesaler, distributor or shopkeeper), the time of its establishment, the history of its development, business industry and its range of products, the status of industry or the branches). The constitution of management (CEO, GM, CFO, Buyer, Senior Buyer....) and the contact.
(1)Retailer: they deal in a great range of products with little orders . But the frequency of paving order is very quick and it's always urgent. They pay more attention to the price and the period of delivery, of course including the quality. They care a little about the strength and the ability of research of sellers. If you are professional enough and they can communicate well with you, they will put more trust on you.
(2)Importer/Trader: they have the regular business industry of their products, but they always have large quantity and stable order, they are always sensitive to price and have purchasing offices in many cities in China. They are familiar with Chinese market and many suppliers in China and demand highly in quality. I recommend that some suppliers with great strengths can contact and pay a visit with the office in China. Because it will be more helpful to impress your customers than email and make a call.
(3)Distributor: they have products of some senior brands in distribution industry and complete sales nextwork. But in the recent years, there is a severe competition in market price and more and more customers doubt about the performance of products. Considering the losses of customers, so some distributors choose to import and even some plan to set up their own brands. So they have strong willingness to cooperate with you and have a appropriate sensitivity to price.
2.The page of product
If there are many classifications and catologs, it implys that the customer supplies many kinds of products and has great power to promotion. But they may not know well about your products and be not professional enough. So they have a low sensitivity to price. If customer's products' classification and catalogs are not enough and suitable for your products, it means he is very suitable for you and he has a hug sensitivity to price.
And you can check in the first two pages to find your products or similar products with yours. The products paced in the first two pages are the products with best promotions and best sales. You should record these information in the sheet.( in case of there are some opportunities, you can recommend these products to them) .
3.You can google the company's name, address and emai to find some useful information. For example, you can find some introduction and inquiry in their domestic or global websites.

Must ask
Here we should pay attention: it is not controversial between " reply emails in time and quotation calmly ". Besides, because of the time leg, the timelines can be divided into the absolute timelines and the comparatively timeliness. You can pay more attention to the comparative timelines according to the time leg. You should be serious about the high level inquiry and take the opportunity to ask more questions about customers and learn more about them and test customer's willingness to cooperate. If there is a normal inquiry (classification, packing or quantity), you can ask about the questions that they didn't mention. For example:
(1)Did you import such product before? It can help you judge if customer has other domestic suppliers because it is possible for them to import from other domestic importers before;
(2)FOB or CIF? You should judge what region is near to customer's supplier.
(3)Your customer's customer: wholesalers, distributors or shopkeepers- they can help you judge which level customer can accept.
An enquiry is a good opportunity for you, so you must be carful to your inquiry. Seize the opportunity, it can be successful.

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