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Don't Judge Your Customers Rashly?

By Admin on 2016-11-22 11:11:40 posted in Trade Skills

In every stage of fair, especially the canton fair, we always receive dozens of or hundreds of business cards. Every enterprise's strength and purchasing level varies from one to another. So it's important to make good division and follow them up on purpose, which can greatly improve our efficiency. 

Generally, our thoughts are habitual. We always think that if a customer can give price list immediately and negotiate with us for a long time, it shows that he has stronger purchasing intention and we will pay more attention to follow him. 

I have received nearly one hundred customers in the canton fair in April, but I have found an interesting situation that when a customer asks you for offering price list of higher level product in the fair,but after following him up, you would find that he just looked for the normal products. Moreover, the practical price he needed was not an equal level to the price he showed. However, it will be more likely for a person who leave his card in a rush to be an important customer ,show his interest in our products and hope to cooperate with us. For such customers, if you follow them reasonably, it's possible for them to show your surprise and benefits. 

I have cooperated with a customer in October who I met in the April canton fair. When we met in canton fair, he didn't require us to show price list or show great interest in our products. I just had a simple talk with him in the venue and made a general knowledge of his company's needs and gave a brief introduction of our company, and then he gave me his card and left in a rush. After a complete reading of the card, I knew that it was a big company and coved various walks of life. It has the running model of a big company like owning different websites for different subsidiaries. So even if he didn't leave a lot of information, he impressed me and I would regard him as an important customer and follow him . 

When following up with him, I concentrated on and used various means to catch him. For example, I would recommend our products, introduce our new products and show our company's strength occasionally. So when they set up a new project, they will naturally ask us to offer the price list. 

After the first quotation, I didn't receive any reply from him for a long time. After then, I knew that he had done some investigations into the market. But after that, I still didn't receive any feedback from him. 

I still kept close contact with him when I didn't receive any reply from him. For example, I will impress him by offering some carings in holidays and recommending the new products to him. After then, he asked us to renew the price again after he made sure his plan. I believed that he was sure to buy so when he planned to come to China in October, I invited him to come to our booth and he also told us his routine and arranged well the visiting time. 

When customer came to our company, they witnessed that we had cooperated with many famous brands which largely enhanced his trust on us. And after various efforts from different parties, he immediately confirmed his order and told us their boss will come to China two or three days later. 

We all know that in many big companies, managers are not the final decision marker. So if you know his boss will come, you must invite him to visit as far as you can. Fortunately, we finally invited him successfully and he confirmed the order. 

We cannot follow customers blindly when facing lots of information about them. We shouldn't judge their company's strengths rashly. It is important to search more about their strength on online and  sift the right customers during the following up. 

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