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How to Maintain Your Old Customers?

By Admin on 2016-11-11 14:31:56 posted in Cross-border e-Commerce

The regular customers has witnessed the growth of our shop. When you look for new customers, you must keep your regular customers in mind and try your best to maintain them. Accordingly, there are a series questions that you need to take into consideration: why your customers buy your products for the second time? What have you done for your customers? What should you do to make your customers come back ? Today, I will analyze the questions with you!

1.The consultation period of products

It means the time that customers show their interests in your products and begin to make inquiry with customers service agent.  At this time, you can gain some relevant information, such as what style they like or what factors they concern and so on.

The customers service agent should take immediate interaction with customers, particularly they need to unify the technique of communication to show the professionalism of your shop. For example, a professional clothing shop don't ask the weight of customers 's, but they will ask their BWH(bust , waist, hips) which definitely decides the size of dressing.

2.The expectation value of products

This is the process after customer placed an order and waited for receiving it. From the perspective of buyer, they are urgent to receive their package, so you need to offer the logistics information in a most convenient way. You can inform customers by messages, wechat, phone and so on. If any problems occur, please take the immediate communication.

3.The observation period of products

When customer receives the package, they will test it and observe it. First , the packing can give customers a deep impression, such as the postcard, samples, letter for VIP, after- service card, shop magazine and so on.

4.The experience period of products

During the first stage for customers to use products, salesman can try to send some kind messages to care about them. For example, " are you satisfied with our products?" "If there is any problem, we can offer the freely change of products"

5.In usage phrase

When a new customer finished his/her purchase in your shop, you can start your marketing to him/her and make him/her become your regular customer( you should be sure that he/she satisfy with the whole process of buying)

6.Post-service following

A.Classify your customers into several types, such as regions, purchasing time and price level. In this way, if you sell goods and a box of tea can be drank for half a month, then after half a month, you can promote the revelant products to this buyer.

B.Care about them regularly and offer service pertinently.

C.Pay attention to some details, such as weather service.

But of course, the most important point is to find the perfect time to contact them. If you frequently harass your customers, it will make them annoyed. Therefore, it is really important to promote your products at the perfect time.

Now, let us take actions without any hesitation!



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