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Trump Cards to Master Customers in Canton Fair

By Admin on 2016-10-10 20:28:06 posted in Canton Fair

I believe that international trade sales who have attended Canton Fair know that customers in Canton Fair are those who don't place an order today but will place it tomorrow, especially in such a depressing market. Customers in Canton Fair are mostly good customers but you still need to do some preparations in advance. Today, let's talk about some skills to master customers in Canton Fair.
1.Utilize the first moment in the exhibition
Generally some experienced international trade sales send offers to the very possible customers at the first moment in the exhibition. The specific practice is to send e-mails to those very possible clients every day after the exhibition, usually including dispositional styles, prices and targeted quantities and total amounts, which will save time of both sides. As long as clients confirm the quantity, sales can do the PI directly. Of course, the PI should distinguish the categories of customers, one is importers and exporters, and the other is customers of this industry. So what are the distinctions of these two kinds of customers?
(1)Under the same potential circumstance, we should give priority to follow up importers and exporters. For the reason that some importers and exporters are not familiar with this industry and they will still order certain price and quantity of goods. Therefore as long as we follow up the orders and show a good service to make the customers think you are professional and provide the acceptable range of price, the orders are affirmative even if we don't spend too much time on them.
(2)Aim at customers in this industry, the main importance is still service, quality of goods, price, authentication and so on.
2.To be "scheming"
(1)Take photo with customers
We should cultivate a habit to take photo with clients, especially with the potential ones in the exhibition, so that you can send e-mails enclosed photo to them after Canton Fair to let them remember you.
(2)Origin of cards
You should mark out the origin of every card, the date you received it, the number of customers and also the general age of customers. During the communication in Canton Fair, you can know who has the power to make decision, or who can understand English. Such small details will be very helpful in the end.
3.Time to send E-mails
Generally, we send e-mails to customers 2 or 3 days after Canton Fair, including the offering lists ordered by customers and photo of the booth.
4.Timing for calling
If customers don't reply our e-mails in a week after we send it, we should find a proper timing to call them directly. The proper timing is that both Chinese and targeted customers work normally. For the customers with great intention, we should call them at least once a week, because some of them don't read e-mails.
5.Find other contact ways as far as possible
Nowadays, the internet is very convenient, which brings a lot convenience for international trade sales to find information about clients.
A.We should add contact ways of MSN, Skype, Yahoo and others in cards if possible.
C.We should pay attention to facebook and so on to know more about customers.
Above all, these skills are shared to follow up customers in Canton Fair. I hope that you can use these skills to develop your own customers.

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