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Prepare the Canton Fair After National Day

By Admin on 2016-10-10 21:04:56 posted in Canton Fair

The Mid-Autumn Festival had past, can the National Day be far behind? Are you immersed in the joy of the upcoming holiday? If so, I have to tell that you completely are wrong! Because the National Day holiday followed by the 120th Canton Fair, and it is also because of the long National Day holiday, lots of work cannot be completed as usual. So to avoid delay of work, you have to finish work in a shorter period including preparation of Canton Fair, following up with customers and so on. You'd better arrange your work as soon as possible to avoid being anxious. Today, I will summarize some works you have to pay attention to before the National Day as a reminder:
1.Express blessing and invite customers to Canton Fair
The National Day approaches, we can send our blessing to the customer to express thanks to the cooperation with customers and have further relation with those who has not cooperated yet. I think you must have such conditioned reflex before holiday so more detailed needn't to be mentioned. But since the National Day approaching the Canton Fair, we can also take advantage of this holiday to remind customers of your company's booth number.
Happy National Day!--**Company BOOTH NO.2.1 J17

Dear Mr.Jay,

The China's National Day is coming. Thank you for your always support on business.

All the best wishes are for you and your lovely family!

Happy National Day!

By the way, our booth no. in 118th Canton Fair is No.2.1 J17, hope to see you in Canton!

Have a nice day.


Sales assistant

2.Inform customers of holiday plan in advance
In addition to setting up the mailbox automatically reply, we should inform customers of your holiday arrangement in the daily communication so that customers can know it in advance to arrange work. Or, you can set in the mailbox system for a week before the holiday, adding a notice about the holiday arrangement. Each mail will be automatically attached that.
we will be on holiday from 1st October to 6th October for the National Day. Any emergency please contact my mobile: 0086-137********.
3.Reasonable arrangements for delivery
Long holidays have a certain impact on shipment. You have to arrange booking cargo for those goods that had been prepared to avoid delay in such a long term holiday. You have to notice that the shipment will be more difficult when holiday is approaching as the container may be full and workers will be hard to be found. Hence, if possible, you should arrange it ASAP. For those orders that had been delivered, related arrangement should be done. For example, ask the freight forwarding to get ETA, so as to communicate with the customer to arrange the balance and delivery. Because even in China, the holiday time is not the same for all industries, if it can be arranged in advance, we will be able to work flexibly.
4.Download email APP
During the holidays, in order to be able to follow up with the customer in time, download a relevant email APP is a must, although you are in the holidays. If you can appear in time for customers when he is in need, the opportunity will often come to you.
Of course, for foreign traders, because of the special nature of the customer, the holiday is more than a chance but not the time for relaxation. When your opponent is relaxing, it's time for you to take the chance. If you can make full use of holiday to have good relationship with customers, I believe that the holiday will give you the harvest which is much greater than the holiday itself.



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