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Find My Big Boss in Canton Fair

By Jenny on 2016-10-31 11:16:51 posted in Canton Fair

The Canton fair is coming and I can feel that many of you are very nervous and anxious! Don't be ruffle! I have some tricks to help you win customers and orders which are always useful!

Keep you in the chair
Give several comparatively low prices to the clients who are standing in front of you, meanwhile, grab a chair and keep him. Once he gets stuck, the negotiation continues and there is an 80 percent win.

Brochure to home
European, American and Middle-Eastern customers will almost stay in different levels of hotels. During a short business trip, a hotel is a temporary home. And sending the brochures in the fair is far not enough. Send the catalogues in front of customers' rooms and print them with different quotation. You can pay some promotion fee at the hotel to show catalogues at the lobby or in the passage way where customers will take willingly.

Professional words attract big deals
Once, an American customer wanted to but a plastic shower curtain with a fixed equipment. He asked about this for a long time but there is nothing. However, a businessman in the fair told the American his ideas and the foreigner nodded his head. He praised the businessman for his profession and made an order of five containers immediately. People in the same line admire the big order so much. Clients are more willing to have business with professional people.

A man from Malaysia asked about whether we can supply the feather cleaning stick. People shake their heads except for one businessman who asked the foreigner to have a look at the samples and give quotation. At noon, he bought four sticks as samples from the stores around and shown them at 60 percent of the original price. Through Baidu and professional websites, the colleague found three factories immediately at approximately the cost. Hence, the businessman succeeds unexpected money.

Shining in the mess
An integrated company spent 60,000 RMB on a distinct booth but spent nearly nothing on the decoration of it. On the shelf, even on the ground, there are many kinds of house appliances with product numbers which really looks like a stand. However, with this mess, customers from the Middle East, South America and Africa visited the booth in crowds. And the reason is that the low-price look made all the customers to take goods with money saved. 

Avail yourself of the opportunity
Once in the first day of the fair, a client from Kazakhstan had a quarrel with the salesperson. The next door paid attention to this and introduced the similar products as well as price sincerely. The customer felt more and more interested in it and therefore made the order immediately.

Seize order at the last moment
Generally speaking, during the first few days, the fair is active because of sufficient time but few deals were made. When it comes to the middle period, the war begins and the willingness of making orders is stronger. When it comes to the close, salespersons are eager to go home and lack of power. When you pay attention to this, you may pick some customers. Sometimes, leave later than others and place catalogues on the table with your name card. There can be some surprises.

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