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Find Your Customers in Canton Fair

By Admin on 2016-10-10 11:58:55 posted in Canton Fair

For most of foreign trade businessmen, Canton Fair is a big and royal " blind date". There are buyers from different countries all over the world in the fair, if you can impress your customers deeply in the first sight, it can increase the rate of gaining order. The date of canton fair is coming closer, how to learn more things in canton fair? Here I will show you some ways.
You should have a good look
You need to have a shower, especially wash your hair because European always prepare well on their appearance, by having a nice shower every morning as they want to give customers a good first impression.
About perfume
European won't go out without perfume,because it shows respect for others and girls especially need to make up.
Making a smile from your inner heart can emotionally effect your customers, but it not the  standard smile made by miss etiquette.
Having a good memory
If you have received a name card and made some communications with a customeir, you have to remember his appearance as quick as possible. And when he turns up in front of you the next day, you can make a gentle nod to show you remember him. First stranger, second friend, after several times that you say his name out, I don't believe that he won't go to your booth to have a look.
Sticking to take part in fair
Many buyers are going to fair to collect the catalog. Showing your catalog to them every year is like advertising and tell them you are the professor of this field.
To be friendly to every customers who go into your booth, whatever he is Chinese or foreigner.
Actually in many countries, especially in the import and export industry, many enterprises run by Chinese do well. If you want to judge whether the men entering are your competitors or not, you can politely ask what market he or she runs and ask for a business card.
Take customers as friends
You should know every country's capitals and characteristics. When a foreigner comes in front of you and tells you where he or she is from, if you can say out its famous sport and tourist attractions, you must know well of this country.
You must be professional
You should know your products and market well. With the developing technology, I recommend you to use Google, because its search result is totally different from Baidu.
The first product's price should be low
The first product customer asked is always tentative and it always the product that they bought from other sellers, they know the price well. Under this circumstance, you should immediately give your price list and tell them you can meet their need according to their situation.
Do not looking forward to receiving orders from fair at scene
Customers need to consider, so they usually do not place orders immediately. But we should persuade them to place order from their words and behaviors.
Do not place so many exhibitions
It gives people a kind of lower. If you have been to the foreign fair, you would know that they always decorate a small booth simply and clearly.
You will really be involved into your work after the fair.
You must carefully record every name card collected in the fair, afterwards you can search them on Google. As the pictures and price list you will send to customers, you must limit the number of pictures within ten. Adding a picture that is about the fair or prove that you have attended the fair will impress customers a lot.
Never lose your mind when sending emails
It doesn't matter if you send email to someone but don't gain any reply. But you can send it again ten days or half a year later. You only need to keep contacting with customers but not urge to sell something to them.
"Go out" and "come in"
Generally, some experienced customers always attend the domestic fair and they greatly welcome you to visit their products. You can communicate with their boss and let them tell you what kind of products he needs and invite them to come to China to make a further negotiation and you will prepare more suitable products to them.
In the sea of canton fair, if you want to seek out your potential customers, you must be the most outstanding one. I hope advice above can give you some help.

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