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Feature of the UK market and buyers

By Admin on 2016-10-07 10:02:15 posted in Market Analyze

British is the birthplace of world capitalism, and it is also the first industrial revolution national. The belows are the characteristics of British buyers and the corresponding way.
1.English buyer are sober , restrained confidence, polite and gentleman. British businessman is generally elegant and abide by social morality. They are also very concerned about each other's accomplishments and demeanor. If you can show a good upbringing and demeanor in the negotiations, you will soon earn their respect and lay a good foundation for the success negotiation. British gentleman often make their negotiators' self-image localization by the constraints, so, if we can provide the irrefutable arguments, and put some suitable pressure in the negotiations, we will gain a good results of the negotiation because the British negotiators will give up their unreasonable stance because of fearing of losing face.
2.British businessman like doing things step by step , particularly valued trial order and place the order step by step. So dealing with British business, Chinese suppliers should pay particular attention to the quality of trial order or sample orders, because this is a prerequisite for the British to inspect the suppliers. If the trial order or sample orders can well meet the requirements of British buyers , they will gradually give more opportunities for greater orders, whereas if the first one can not reach their requests, the British are generally reluctant to continue the business with you.
3.Pay attention to the nature of British buyers. Britain is a multi- democratic country, and many British big buyers do not live in the city, because some of them have a long history and tradition of their family business ( such as footwear, leather industry, etc. ) this kind of the British businessman maybe live in the manor , village, or even the castle. So their generally address will have suffix like "Chesterfield", "Sheffield" and to "Field" .So you need to pay extra attention that people live in the country are likely to be the big buyers in UK.

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