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Website: was created in 2007 (after so many China recalls!) in an effort to see if there are still toys made in America. Unfortunately, like so many products in America these days, most toys sold in this country are made in China. (And also unfortunate, but not surprising, our economy is suffering while China's is one of the fastest growing in the world!)

Even if you're not concerned about toy recalls, which we all should be, considering toys are just a fraction of the products in our daily lives that come from China (consider the dangerous recent recalls of China food items!), we should all be concerned about the impact that outsourcing of American jobs has had on our economy. And despite the myth that products made in China are cheaper, this is not always the case. Many of the recalled toys are certainly not cheap, just cheaply made. More times than not, it's corporations who profit from cheap labor, not the American consumer. - Extensive List of American Toy Companies

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