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Website: is the flagship online portal of Meorient International Group Co. Ltd. It was founded in the January 1, 2002. It is a composite service platform leading Chinese exhibition industry, and it is one of powerful component of Chinese service trade platform. It provides international market development services especially “exhibition” at the core of to 10 million Chinese foreign trade enterprises, and it has the largest flow of E-commerce sites of China's foreign trade sector. The exhibition service of Me360 online is known as "China's first brand of international exhibition" in the domestic industry. online focus on the domestic foreign trade enterprises and 10 million users groups, to provide comprehensive, international expansion, its own e-commerce website, including Exhibition, Business, e-commerce, overseas media, such as trade and investment Eight Services section; its possession of B2B commerce site, adopted each year on a global scale exhibition at the scene of hundreds of effective promotion, primarily for global procurement in China to provide a powerful business information for China's foreign trade enterprises and 10 million Overseas enterprises build a smooth service platform. At the same time, Me360 online advantage plate with the Group, launched a powerful combination of online and offline media website of the magazine "China Supplier Directory" products in the global exhibition tour to promote all kinds. The introduction of this product, greatly enriching the domestic foreign trade enterprises in the international market expansion means Mainland much welcome the many business owners, so far, has several million businesses in this directory advertising landing. - Global B2B Online Marketplace for Exhibitors and Buyers

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