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Vertical B2B Website on the Rise

With the rapid popularization B2B e-commerce site using b2b many enterprises have become an important part of the marketing, but is such a choice of alibaba b2b website, or is the vertical b2b website, many enterprises are not clear.

In to the meeting on international marketing of Guangzhou, the new international media expert Liu tong thinks, the vertical b2b and comprehensive b2b complement one another in the enterprise. "the more mature comprehensive b2b, at present the domestic vertical b2b number are complication, they must be faced with the industry to shuffle the cards in the future.

To the international data have shown that electronic commerce in china market has reached b2b 81.01billion, with an increase of 46.87%. the market for b2b numbers reach to 4300 million, a user to 49 million. forecast b2b until 2011 in the market size, will reach 352.58 billion the users will reach to 1.55 billion yuan, up to a user 128 million.

Liutong quoted research reports that 40% b2b users through a vertical b2b. and comprehensive web site, the vertical b2b compared to a certain industry, for example china and the net, the net, etc. they pressed on more clothes in the professional and industry, to many into the special services and profits. these are of advantage lies vertical b2b.

At the same time, Liu tong says:comprehensive b2b site was alibaba such an enterprise, the vertical b2b faced with the scope of its narrow, hard to expand the scale and other problems. according to incomplete statistics, at present the domestic vertical b2b site many thousands.

Liutong predict the vertical b2b in some industries, but not all trades vertical b2b for the development of technology, must have a certain threshold, standardized products have characteristics.

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