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The distinguish between B2B and B2C

B2B means business to business, the companies use the internet to do the business. Sometimes we can called them B to B, but simply we use the partial tone B2B(2 To to).

B2B is short for business to business,means the business between the companies.

B2C is one form of the internet business, it is short for business to Consume,means company to consume, it is usually what we said that the commercial retailing, directly facing the sale of consumer products and services. The most representative b2c e-commerce models are online retail sites, such as the domestic largest chinese online internet bookstore to strike ( is a b2c e-commerce web site, the united states the (amazon. com) is the world's best-known e-commerce b2c website.

B2c e-commerce models not only rely on the web site, in retail b2c electronic commerce is a form of business web sites can also open to the online direct sales, it is also b2c of e-commerce in the shape.

E-commerce related words areb2c (business to consumer ),c2c (consumers and consumers on the consumer) g2b , the government of the enterprise etc.

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