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The differences and the same points between B2B and B2C

1) online bank account a functional system uses the internet, a bank statement in support of the internet, the buyer registered a simulation, and get a bank account, this account in the online processing trade balance.

2) system management system has the functions of the management and support the whole process the management and operation of the background behind the scenes, including: enterprise information updates, the goods, information, members of the amended information, goods to the library management, the transaction of information management, simulations bank management.

3) the customer management functions for the registration system for members of the relevant information, trading information, the tracing management.

4) goods them back with its function is not eligible for service in the system support to return, including the loan is paid for.

The differences between B2B and B2C

1) btob face of the objects of different businesses also known as the business enterprise (the merchant or a commercial organization for commercial organizations, enterprises btob) sales system btob (one of the system) it in some enterprises to the object of the platform for the development of the cuhk btob to cut the amount of business and service network of networks to pay for. obviously, btob used to pay the business need some of the way she finds that she needed development and application, more home safe and fast, the interregional.

Btoc the objects of different businesses to consumers (also called for individual customers business or trade agency for consumers or btoc) btoc shopping online system based on the use of the security of numerous technical tools are constantly emerging and application, the network have to pay a safe, reliable and technical support to the rapid spread of many network.

2)the method of the B2C payment are different ways of the network have to pay the check, the electronic exchange system, the electronic payment swift and chips, Chinese modern payment cnaps and financial enterprise network, edi, the bank; use credit card

The differences of the B2C payment method

The main internet payment method are: credit card,smart cards, electronic wallets, the electronic cash and personal internet banking (used to check for electronic)


The function for the company display the products

Post the company’s information,main in the product list, the website page to instroduce the company information, and can be rechanged and refresh any time.


Goods information dissemination on selling commodities, information functions to the seller, the seller registered a mandate to the system at any time add, modify the background, updated information. sales of commodities

4)btob enterprises to display the functions and the issue of information, products and product classifications for a single page the manner of presentation for the buyer for your inquiry and before you must register.


Goods information query features for the buyer of goods available for search information, blurred, by the buyer registered after sorting, the key words, the information.


The function of the invoice and the order management, system in the order form by, online order, the contract signed, order for the contract (order) flow.

B to C

Order management function

the system in the order form, in chronological order to create an order number, for the complete order processing process.


Shipping and management function

The invoice(order) is finished,the seller give the buyer the bill lading to pick up the goods,and ship the goods.

B to C

Shipping and management function

The invoice(order) is finished,the seller give the buyer the bill lading to pick up the goods,and ship the goods.

7)B to B

On line negotiation,bargaining, function

Use the internet negotiation meeting,support the seller and buyer negotiate and bargain.

B to C

The internet buying order function

The buyer for the purchase of objects, under orders, to shopping system and accomplish the purchase.

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