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Refer to Chinese industry, we usually concern the b2b plats in China,and said about b2b plat, we have to say about

In the lead of Ma Yun's guide, alibaba become the symbol in the b2b, never one b2b can competitive with alibaba, this was concerned and refuted by all the people that time.

As China becomes the world's OEM industry Country, most of the factories here have the relations with the brand product in the world. they are anxious to make their own transformation from ugly duckling into a swan, but the kinds of frustration Again, many companies have looked at other people's faces walking, Coupled with the slow development of domestic information lag, the small factories need one b2b plat to give them a bridge to combine with the buyer.

Then Alibaba put all the advertisements on different medias and gain the market during the period, of course alibaba  became e-commerce, online trading, and a synonym for B2B websites.Due to this reason,it is very popular in the Chinese industries factories, and they all know what is a alibaba, and they like to accept this bridge which can bring them the buyers and business. For this reason, many factories and exporters became into their members, so you can image there are so many factories in China, and the market in Alibaba is cruel,less buyer and less inquires, and they can send the mails to all the suppliers, and then the suppliers face the price problem, they have to down their price or make the bad quality when they are doing business to save the profit, this is bad for b2b internet. I was heard from a friend who works in alibaba company:alibaba’s visiting flux is the most largest in the world, of course I accept this opinion, as 75% are from alibaba’s suppliers, you can see how many suppliers in alibaba, and then the how many flux they bring.

There is another website we can't ignore it, it is made in China, either from the site traffic, site optimization and search engine rankings speak very successful, for the interest of foreign businessmen in terms of the platform is very accurate positioning, of course, be manyof choice for Chinese exporters, as in China can not meet foreign buyers will become limited when, in fact, we can analyze more of the situation in India kenfor.

Of course, to promote "Pay-for" the ECVV have done a lot of advertisements, but so far not much actions, too many companies did not mention the name, they are maybe just stay to check a good chance to come.

B2b industy play the different contrasts at home and aborad , many people were puzzled by this. In Europen countries, most big companies have no worry about their selling and importing, because they have a good system to import the products and sell ,their brand is popular , no need any brand to do this for them.As they themselves have the same effect as the advertisements.

At the same time, there are some very good outside B2B platform, they have professional staff to handle the website of inquiry rarely occur inquiry does not match the phenomenon, thereby increasing the quality and transaction information set rate, currently the world's most trade of the industry concerned the most typical B2B site-Tradekey, we would like to learn more about the latest developments Tradekey and attention Tradekey log.

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