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Website: ltd has been providing tasteful luggage, suitcases, laptop cases, and travel accessories in the UK since 2002. Unlike most internet retailers, we deliver direct from stock so your travel bags and essentials reach you in a timely manner. Our generous 30 day returns policy lets you confirm that the luggage you've purchased is right for you. So whether you need a suitcase or a laptop backpack, ensures you buy with confidence. Look out for our new range of ladies luggage and ladies laptop bags! ltd was founded in 2002 by a group of experienced travellers who firmly believe that there is a right way to travel. The company is dedicated to helping people on the move travel well and, with this in mind, is driven by the following tenets:

Convenient one-stop-shopping

Good preparation is key to relieving the potential stress of travel and leaves you free to enjoy your trip. We aim to help you prepare by providing you with everything you’ll need for your next trip—except the ticket! And, because we know you’re busy, we help you do it all from the convenience of your own home or office.

The right equipment makes a big difference

Not all travel gear is appropriate for every trip. The purpose for your travel should drive the equipment you use; that’s why we’ve organised our product stores according to your own travel requirements. We’ve also created the packSmart assistant to present a personalised recommendation based on your specific needs.

Travelling tastefully

If you're going to travel, why not do it in style? Our product line has been created so that you not only travel efficiently, but also tastefully. Our brands are all at the forefront of their fields in design and engineering innovation. And our own n-voy products are created using elegant, modern designs and only the finest materials.

We learn from your experience

Your experience is important to us. A substantial amount of research with travellers like you went into the creation of this company. Its continued evolution will be based on your collective expertise. We welcome your comments at all times and will base our development on your feedback.

Please click the contact us link below and let us know if there is anything we can do to improve either this site or our products and services. Thank you once again for choosing - Luggage,Cases and Bags Products Directory

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