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Website: is an online B2B Marketplace and bag business directory, the platform provide lady bags trade leads for women.

The premier search directory for women in business with comprehensive links on all topics relevant to women business owners FREE Registration.

We will continue to be dedicated to promoting and supporting women in business and will be working away, often behind the scenes to raise the profiles of women entrepreneurs.

The 21st century offers women phenomenal opportunities technology providing women the platform to elevate them to new levels in the business world. For many doing business outside of their home country can be a daunting prospect, whilst the Internet is undoubtedly a welcome vehicle which gives women the cost effective medium to enter new national and global markets, there's much to be learnt before many women can pick up the gauntlet and trade internationally.

Doing business internationally requires tolerance and understanding of world heritage's awareness of multi-ethnic life-styles different countries cultural values of social, religious, economical, historical and political backgrounds.

The website provides an online country resource, business to business network a place where women can find other women in business when they need a service or product or when they are seeking to forge new business partnerships.

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