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The Fair Trade Coffee Company is 'primarily' a coffee roasting company but is 'actually' so much more! This Roasting Company is the visible face of an interdependent three-way relationship we like to call the Fair Trade Coffee Trinity - which can best be described as a well regulated three-way partnership between a Coffee Roaster (that's us!), a Coffee Importer and many small Coffee-Growing Cooperatives around the world.

The Fair Trade Coffee Company would be nowhere without our coffee import partner, Royal Coffee New York. This Importer has been in the import business for many years and has developed strong connections with the many farmers around the world, organized into Coffee-Growing Cooperatives. These relationships are forged one hand-shake at a time. So, with the assistance of an established 'Fair Trade Certified' Importer, like Royal Coffee New York, the Fair Trade Coffee Company has access to and is able to purchases the highest grade of Arabica Coffees available from the many Coffee-Growing Cooperatives around the world.

Naturally, this discussion about the Trinity would be incomplete without pointing out that the many Coffee Growing-Cooperatives around the world are democratically run associations of small coffee farmers, gathered together into collectives to share their resources and to be better able to sell their product at a fair price. - Fair Trade Coffee Tea Gift Basket

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