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Website: is an international b2b marketplace,provides professional E-commerce application and online marketing services for both importers and exporters. TradeBIG can increase the opportunities of success in trading and promoting your businesses or products over the world through internet.

There are increasing the numbers of global importers and exporters traded, imported and exported their goods from or to mainland China with the amount more than 250 billion US dollars by dint of the entry of China into the WTO. It resulted in enriching unprecedented commercial opportunities in Chinese business. Therefore, it emerged a great requirements on more effective and efficient channels where to intercommunicate between all global and Chinese businesspeople.

Anticipating this need, is to come with the tide of fashion. We can provide a fully developed e-commerce platform to assist all global businessman in searching the Chinese commercial opportunities.

In order to cope with a new business environment, we will eliminate any difficulty as well as improve our applications becoming more user-friendly all the time. We believe that after joining our applications and services, your businesses will become more efficient and effective.

Furthermore, not only included English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions, but also can inter-changed between Traditional and Simplified Chinese codes automatically while required, which will satisfy the needs of all Chinese & Global businesspeople. Our Databases divided into 27 Industrial Categories & 700 Products Sub-Categories. Products range cover all business. - China Manufacturers and Products Directory

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