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Website: is an Online b2b marketplace of China products and Manufacturers, finding quality products and manufacturers from China, Selecting China wholesale products from 10 millions China products online,buying products in China. is a promising e-commerce company and the leading vertical search engine company in China. We provide an efficient, trusted search engine platform connecting small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers around the world. Our product search engine database includes more than ten millions products and our community (called Trade Post) has published more than 1.2 millions buying leads.

Since it was founded in 2008, Himfr is focusing on two main products to global traders:

Product Search- Product search is the Himfr’s flagship product and the leading B2B e-commerce search engine in China , serving small and medium sized enterprises in China and around the world.

Trade Post-A leading community for global suppliers, helping suppliers to find millions of buying leads and meet thousands of hundred buyers here. - finding China products online

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