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Website: is a professional b2b website bringing together a large number of procurement companies and suppliers,supply information and buy the latest information for enterprise e-business b2b trade platform. is a leading global business to provide face to face trade services platform for the integrity of the supply and demand in 2007 in China. Fuzhou (Fuzhou, China) was incorporated in Hong Kong Min-fu tech companies affiliated enterprises Hilda (Fuzhou,) Information Technology Co., Ltd. developer and operator. Service Operations Center set up in mainland China. Fuzhou.

Trade in the international business (B2B) area, global trading networks in the most effective procurement contract bidding (Global Trade Bidding), and B2B business e-commerce trading platform for Global Trade ( integration of global trade resources, and establish the quality of services in the field of international trade of Enterprise, Trade and Services System (to provide international marketing, international procurement and other services) to raise the overall efficiency of international trade transactions and to seek in the short term to build a global business can provide trade services to international business supply services Platform!

Global Business Trade (B2B) International Marketing Services is currently an emerging area of services, Global Trade is an active proponent but also a first in China to engage in active international marketing services to professional institutions. Global Trade to actively introduce advanced marketing concepts and implementation of rules for China suppliers to provide the world's leading electronic corporate image positioning, domestic and foreign media, advertising, international trade and other series of e-procurement, catalog marketing services. With leading international concepts, advanced technology, high-quality global procurement business, excellent customer service and the effectiveness of the strict control, global trade, global provider of network actively help in a more proactive, more efficient marketing approach to finding, keeping, development and international buyers even more solid partnership.

As the leading Internet companies, the global trading networks take full advantage of the abundant and various exhibitions of traditional marketing channels to conduct multi-channel, online the main line of the auxiliary of the full range of services, which complement each other, vertical and horizontal three-dimensional structure, has become China's b2b business model. Global Trade in a such a huge market with great opportunities to continue to lead the trend, and constantly blaze new trails, and continue to win business for buyers and sellers online trade made a miracle! - Global Business to Business Marketplace

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