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Israel E-commerce Market

By Jenny on 2016-10-31 11:34:17 posted in Market Analyze

Recently, it is found that Israel made a new record by ranking the first among countries in online shopping in 2015. It seems not a profitable market with a population of 8.2 million only. However, a unique domestic environment makes Israel a potential cross-border e-commerce market.

When asked about why shopping online, most people said it was because of the high life expenses. Although the country is famous for innovation and high technology, the quality of daily consuming products is worse than overseas at higher price. People in Israel are eager to buy goods from other countries from pants, shoes to kitchen utensils etc.

According to Israel Internet Association, 75 percent of people shop online from mostly China, and then America, England and Brazil stores.

Israel e-commerce statistics
Electronic products and media products are the top two popular items which take up 32 percent and secondly ranks food and beverages.

The average income in Israel is 904 U.S. dollars. Most of the male buyers are from 25 to 44 years old and 16 to 24 years old are female.

Nearly every Israel citizen can speak English. Therefore, the Hebrew language website is not needed. And mobile phone penetration is over 100 percent.

Israel tax institution
Earlier this year, Israel government fixed tariff system to set VAT in oversea digital service. Foreign companies running website and selling advertisements, serving as middleman, providing virtual products and service such as App, software, music, games, TV programs and online gambling etc. should pay VAT and income tax of 17 percent.

Israel payment service providing suppliers
It is a country with active credit card users where Master Card is very popular as well as Paypal. Other important payment companies include the followings:

Allcharge is located in the country mainly handle seller's account and payment service.

ImGlobal Payments is a service offering supplier in Israel providing solutions in payment and currency issues. 150 kinds of currency is supported.

Tranzila provides credit card handling, e-commerce entrusting and online cheat testing service.

Zooz can enable sellers to combine off-line functions with global paying system that its development package supports more than 150 languages and currency.

Briefly speaking, the middle class in Israel wants to buy good products at low price and they are pleased to shop online. And this makes a good opportunity for the stores oversea selling daily consumptions.

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