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Website: is a B2B Marketplace in Ecuador, Ecuador aims to be the world's top resource for Ecuador business, economy, trade, and product and services information. provides the following features to both exporters and importers of Ecuadorian goods:

1) Enables exporters to create their own home pages to publicize their businesses and the means to publish their products on the world wide web for sale.

2) Supplies a request-for-quote system, by which international importers can post their desired goods purchases and Ecuadorian exporters can bid appropriately.

3) Promotes economies of scale, by allowing Ecuadorian companies to pool their export products to fulfill large purchase orders.

4) Provides online training to Ecuadorian professionals in e-commerce subjects to promote the spread of world wide web business usage in the country.

5) Creates a search mechanism (by product and company name), which will allow foreign importers to pinpoint Ecuadorian exporters that conform to their purchasing needs.

6) Supplies various informational guides and links to both exporting and importing companies to facilitate a seamless trading experience.

7) Establishes active online communities for Ecuadorian export sectors and their corresponding import sectors abroad.

8) Provides general economic and trade-related information about Ecuador to promote its image as an exporting country. - Ecuador Exports B2B Marketplace

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