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Website: is a B2B LED lighting Portal in India. Provides complete details of manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, traders engaged in Lighting Solar Industry in India. is a B2B Portal which is an extract of popular Lighting Journal, 99Lighting World- a journal devoted to Lighting, LED, Luminaries, Fittings & Other Conventional Products. Being a B2B portal, the aim of this portal is avail most of the business professionals who are highly engaged in Lighting Industry. In other words, you can say, it plays a role of bridge among all the business professionals of the lighting industry in India.

This esteemed portal features Dealers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Traders, Distributors, Suppliers, Importers and Exporters engaged in Lighting domain. This portal facilitates all lighting business professionals to submit enquiry for finding their complementary Business, Products or Materials, etc. The function of the portal is to attain enquiry from a business person and forward it to the related business person so that they both can contact with each other in order to ensure a smooth trade flow. This is the reason, one will find a large list of business professionals of the lighting industry who have leveraged their business from the portal and currently active here as well.

If you own a lighting business and struggling for its growth then the portal can be a helping hand in the growth of your business.

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