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Website: is the Global online wholesale platform for sourcing artisanal and sustainable lifestyle goods - Décor, Rugs and Carpets, Kitchen, Home Furnishings – from India and South East Asia. 

Qalara's vision is for Qalara and its partners to become pivotal to driving sustainable consumption around the world by reimagining the global supply chain. Every day it strive to build a reliable and efficient ecosystem of global trade, facilitating digitally enabled wholesale commerce between buyers and sellers from around the world.'s mission is to make available the widest range of responsibly produced goods across all consumer categories from South Asia and South East Asia at competitive wholesale prices, helping buyers of all sizes source conveniently, reliably and affordably, while equally supporting producers and manufacturers gain access to global markets efficiently. specialise in handmade, artisanal, eco-friendly, recycled, organic, sustainable products, but have the capabilities to extend well beyond. enjoy working with people across geographies and cultures. It strive to do right by the planet. It's passionate about artisanal crafts. believe in leveraging data and technology in simple but powerful ways. And, it's committed to operational excellence.

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