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Website: is the development of the furniture industry following world trends produces various kinds of innovations and creativity from new, modern products with a touch of the latest technology to attract attention. This also applies to Indonesia Furniture, which has always been known to be the center of this industry, and has produced many creations, from classics to the latest collections. Various types of the best wood are used as raw materials, supported by supporting materials, making Indonesia furniture has many types and genres to choose from. There are many advantages that can be stated here to explain how Indonesia Furniture can become a favorite of the furniture industry in the world.

The many factors of excellence can be seen from various angles of interest, but of course the first and foremost cannot be separated from the quality of wood as the raw material for Indonesia Furniture. Indonesia is the best producer of teak and mahogany in the world, a country located in the equatorial zone with a tropical climate, very supportive for the growth of trees capable of producing teak and mahogany well. As is known, these two woods are the two best materials for making furniture with the best quality, sturdy and durable, it can be said that once bought for a lifetime.

The second advantage factor for Indonesia Furniture is that typical Indonesian wood carvings have their own beauty and aesthetics, are well known and popular throughout the world. The beauty of Indonesian carvings is very characteristic, made by craftsmen who already have hereditary skills and are rich in patterns. The combination of expertise is able to produce classy, creative Indonesia Furniture products and at the same time can create a modern and minimalist impression.

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