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Website: has consistently implemented its core mission of promoting information exchange and facilitaing trade in clean industry. In order to push the information exchange between buyers and suppliers in a comprehensive way and facilitate more trade between two sides, is always committed to develop its products and service commerically meet needed and provide all-round solution and in-depth service for trade to the buyers and suppliers so as to fully satisfy the neeeds of purchasing and promotion.

Now has launched a series of services for the suppliers including "product promotion", "enterprise building" and "designers alliance". Suppliers can established its own promotional website and release sales information on and promote its enterprise and products comprehensively at a suitable time and in a suitable way. Suppliers can also search for their enterprises talented people, first class designers and partners for image design, training and authentication through the website. Meanwhile has launched services of "search product" and "exhibition service" for the buyers. Buyers can search and browse the information about the enterprises and the products of the suppliers, release purchasing information, subscribe to the "product information quick delivery". On the website to locate suitable product.

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