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International trade blog is a website specializing in international trade knowledge study, researching international trade policy and regulation, analyzing international trade market, sharing foreign trade marketing skill.
Note:International trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories. In most countries, such trade represents a significant share of gross domestic product (GDP).
International Trade Blog

Seize Your Customers

By Admin on 2016-9-30 17:3:13 posted in Trade Skills

Just as falling in love with someone, when customers open your personal page, it's like to open the veil of other half. And if your "face" is without any attraction, how can customers ke... More Details

Avoid the Charge of House B/L

By Admin on 2016-9-30 16:27:16 posted in Trade Learning

Many foreign trade workers have experienced the amendment charge of house B/L. Amending bill will cost amendment charge which will make you very upset! Some time ago I have experienced a very annoying... More Details

Foreigners Understand Jay Chou's Song?

By Admin on 2016-9-30 16:24:43 posted in Trade Learning

Recently, Jay Chou has become popular searching topic several times and hit the chain broadcast news page. It seems that he is worthy the name of network addicted teenager. However, when it comes... More Details

20 details that you don't know in UK

By Admin on 2016-9-28 20:44:22 posted in Trade Learning

1 When the British say to you : "you alright", was not asking you all right, but saying hello to you .2 People sneeze , you should say : "Bless You".3 UK is a ritual country, and s... More Details

Risk analysis and prevention of African trade

By Admin on 2016-9-28 20:29:52 posted in Market Analyze

Africa is the area that most countries are agricultural-orieted. So for the  pesticide trade, Africa is a fast growing large market. In recent years, Chinese pesticide companies increase the trad... More Details

See more Africa custom

By Admin on 2016-9-28 20:23:0 posted in Trade Learning

Because of the different of national, ethnic and geographical, each country in African has different customs and culture. Not only in clothing, diet, and hobby but also in moral, traditional rituals a... More Details

Key points of being a successful salesman

By Admin on 2016-9-28 19:46:36 posted in Trade Learning

People always said that, there always be ways of success and ways of failure. When you take part in a job at the beginning, the most important thing is to understand the meaning of pay. We want to loo... More Details

Chinese data defy slowdown forecasts

By Admin on 2016-9-28 19:34:4 posted in Market Analyze

Chinese economy is riding its strong momentum into the end of the year, with retail sales accelerating and industrial output slowing just a touch in November.Following on previous figures that showed ... More Details

How to Improve your Export Ability

By Admin on 2016-9-28 19:7:5 posted in Trade Learning

Product is the keypoint of foreign trade. From the ancient to now, the ability of appreciating a commodity is always the key attainment of a foreign trade man. Frankly speaking, it means that whether ... More Details

New mission for Internet Enterprise

By Admin on 2016-9-28 10:3:0 posted in Trade Marketing

The internet and social network companies of Silicon Valley enjoy one of the world's most attractive business models. Offer a free service, collect personal data, use it to lure advertisers, and e... More Details