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Maintain your customer by heart

By Admin on 2016-10-8 10:41:15 posted in Trade Learning

Is there the customer that will place the order by the first contact? Yes, but very few. I also want to catch the customer after sending an email and bargaining. But it is difficult. 90% of my customers gain from maintaining the relationship slowly.
I have told many fans that maintaining customers is to achieve the win-win situation. I also released an article called "The relation with customer" before, and you can click the (Read the original) at the bottom of the article for learning if needed.
In the process of maintaining customers, from the view of customers, I think the following two points are very useful for maintaining the friendly relationship with customers.
First, the useful topic for the customers.
1. Keep issuing the latest price of the products:
Now matter the new customers or the old customers, whoever has the inquiry intention, I will send the latest price to them at the beginning of every month. If face the period that the price changes frequently, I will send email to them according to the changing frequency and set the validity period.
The customer from Pakistan is a good example:
Customer A inquired and then had news any more. As for many foreign trade people's point of view, they will give up this customer but I didn't. I sent him the email every month when the price changed. A few months later, I received an oversea call suddenly and I was told that the customer had already been Shanghai and would visit our factory. At the beginning, I was confused, not knowing who it would be. Later, I knew that it was the Pakistani customer. When we met, he praised me that I was very hard working and professional, saying that although he didn't reply me, he still read my emails. The customer said that this time he came to China for inspecting the original suppliers and then saw me who never gave up.
The bigger surprise was that after he saw our factory's equipments, he placed a trial order because of believing my perseverant occupation spirit. 
2. The latest industry trend:
We are running the seasonal products, so I will remind the customers to stock earlier. I remember that there was a customer who didn't trust me at the beginning. I sent him an email with the title "You must buy ** within one week, or you will regret." Such a confident email surprised the customer and he sent me an email with "do you think you get the right prediction?" And I said that if you were willing to sign the contract with me, if the price rose, I will sign with you with the contract price or if not, I will lower the price for you. I also expressed to him with the current politics. Finally, under my persuasion,  he placed the order in advance and later, what I predicted happened. The customer was grateful to my reminding and sincere treatment. Later, we built the friendly relationship.
3. The professional and earnest attitude:
Here is the story about sending person rose, the hand leaves lingering fragrance:
We had a rubber customer who urgently need the product named catalyst. As my friend was an expert of this field, so I introduced them to each other. In the end, their cooperation made my customer's rubber tougher and stronger and more resistant to aging. After a few days, the customer sent an email to me, expressing his grateful to me. So we built up the working relationship and I gain the customer.
4. For the relevant problems of other products that the customers require, we can help them collect some relevant products information and clear up for them. These are the useful information for the customers.
Second, find the topic that can touch the customers.
1. In the process of receiving customers face to face, we can begin our conversation from the topic that the customers interested in. For example, it is the World Cup period, and you can talk with your customers the football team and football stars they like, finding the common interest, which will be easier for them to accept you.
2. Care about customers' every information. I have a customer whose email is max790506** So I sent him an email on May 6th, wishing him happy birthday. He was very happy and surprised that I knew his birthday. I told him that I knew it from his email address. He was happy and said I was good at marketing. We suddenly got close. There was another customer that I found him signing idgfs0728 in the forum by searching his email. I thought it was his birthday so I sent him an email. He replied me that it was not his birthday but the wedding anniversary and he was happy to receive my wishes.
Good customer built in the foundation of win-win. As long as you think for the customers under the big principle and treat them as friends, they will treat you the same way. The relationship with customer is very important and how to maintain the relationship is more important. Friends, have you learned the above points?

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