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Recommend b2b marketing sites and Companies, Shares marketing methods, skills and issue marketing practice experience and summary.
Note:What Is B2B Marketing? - Definition of B2B Marketing. B2B (business-to-business) marketing is marketing of products to businesses or other organizations for use in production of goods, for use in general business operations (such as office supplies), or for resale to other consumers, such as a wholesaler selling to a retailer.
B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing: The way for the Industry B2B to attract the Buyers

Any B2B websites all want to attract the more industry buyers, fist of all, it must understand the suppliers' products, and need to know who are the main buyers? And what are they use for? Then us... More Details

B2B Marketing: How to select the Keywords on the B2B Website

Keyword is not limited to a single word, it should also include the phrases and expressions.As we know, in search of information were retrieved by entering the keywords. therefore, as its name suggest... More Details

How to select B2B industry site Management System

On the internet in various b2b site management and web site to know more b2b management system to win the trust of the correct selection for you to provide some reference. B2b site management in the f... More Details

Vertical B2B Website on the Rise

With the rapid popularization B2B e-commerce site using b2b many enterprises have become an important part of the marketing, but is such a choice of alibaba b2b website, or is the vertical b2b website... More Details

B2B Marketing: The strategy for the B2B website keywords SEO

About keyword strategy of the complexity and than a few areas and b2b e-commerce website search engine Optimization(SEO). lack of agreement terms of reference, b2b brand name to many, buying an obscur... More Details

The differences and the same points between B2B and B2C

1) online bank account a functional system uses the internet, a bank statement in support of the internet, the buyer registered a simulation, and get a bank account, this account in the online process... More Details

The distinguish between B2B and B2C

B2B means business to business, the companies use the internet to do the business. Sometimes we can called them B to B, but simply we use the partial tone B2B(2 To to).B2B is short for business to bus... More Details

The mode profit of the B2B websites

The mode profit of the B2B websites as below categories:First: Advertisement1.The letter advertisements: keywords, words links, information article in different colors of text.2.Pictures advetisement.... More Details

The Method of the B2B marketing

The aim for the b2b is popular during the small factories and the people who are working for the trading business, the promotion of policies to promote opportunities for each of the potential for busi... More Details

Teach you how to do B2B Website SEO

B2B website search engine optimization is a lot of Web site operators are concerned about, compared to the company websites, b2b website has large visiting is much easier to do than the compan... More Details