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B2B Marketing: Innovation b2b industry website advertising to promote client's effect (I)

To get to the effect of fee increase as a b2b website operation of the most important work to catch. this is related to the web site will be growing, and even said to be done and put the key link. after years of operation site b2b industry in the process, but i found to improve the ip and pv are very important,the innovation of the b2b websites are most important also. For advertising and the user experience of site itself and the user is hoped that the web site without a commercial search results are fair, your web site without advertisements, but not possible to the conflict the business model.

For example, Tv programs for instance, will in the best part of television advertisements, but also have a slogan: advertising wonderful. if a variety show, the host will remind you of the advertisements, please don't go away and be back soon.. B2b industry site must let ad is also very concerned about the user, to achieve good effect of advertising, continuous innovation advertising, the first is the design innovation, and commercial advertising, the second is to show the way, owing to the message of innovation and customer and advertising industries related to those areas, not discuss here, this article mainly discuss advertising displays of innovative ways.

Here to explain the articles from the portal b2b industries related to tactical 12 chapters: b2b trade portal to the promotion, section 4 of the large part, we see most are not my creation, many more are included some good new advertising, let us learn. but there were also part of my own innovation and the effect is very good.

1.Put the advertisement on the interactional function, to get the better effect from the users, and will be easy to be seen.Such as: “Music of BU BU GAO MUSIC MOBILE,HAPPY GIRLS”, is the crown name. similarly, the site of special event may give to the customer, grouped together under the web event to the customer may, for example, had been dubbed "the tencent entertainment," the columns or special event to the customer, such as the founding anniversary of the group will the sponsoring Meidi a lot of 60 years of thematic web site, simply an advertising effect.
Contacted b2b industry on the web site, some common interactive features can add the word commercial advertisements or picture, such as: the forum, blogs a response to comments and a word when: "coca-cola" friendship remind you, please answer the question; article on information of local plus: "coca-cola" advise you to: concern of dynamic and industry to make correct decisions! Coca cola would like to replace in advertisement. you can also put an advertisement for a response to the background, which, alas! baidu community in this operation, the network client's products will be made a video playback background pictures. you can also improve the equipment and materials related to the famous brand image make blogs a template, for the user to select. In short, and the implantation, the more susceptible to everyone's attention, more effective. but the place of ad, it's nice and high quality products, otherwise we might be really alien.

2.Help and guide the marketing knowleage to the client, use the community resources
If b2b industry website of the community in very well, will not only in the advertisement for a picture such a simple marketing. the unique characteristics of the community, many new marketing mode used. for example, the qq a brand of space and time of net or a celebrity home page on internet, these too are based on the community a new marketing ways. Because of the community activity very much, and sticky all the customers and service personnel are to guide them to the community activities to the customer's signature on the picture and text to the signature on the main product and contact, guide them to share technology and management and marketing knowledge, and issues related to industry, to marketing promotion of knowledge. about how to build a man was very high b2b industry website community,,you can refer the the trade portal planning tactical research report chapter viii of 3, 4, 5, we won’t do any detail instroduce here.
B2b web part of the industry and clients, not only help him to the official space, led him in the community activities. it can to edit the original articles to the customer name to his blog and recommendations; and in their name to the community, such approaches can charge the customer has no time, and not of the professionals, not make use of community to promote and let users to gain a free and marketing promotion, this is what we can’t bear. Some people will be affected by the fair, but don't worry, we must pay attention to provide most valuable technology, management and marketing information, and the pure ad, ordinary consumers will like it, and the community, the number of users, only 5% of the whole community would not be in the atmosphere and impartial in effect.

I once do a test, the customer information in the community is very perfect, and elaborate design of animation, in the advertising sign, and let the customer's account to respond to customers of the related problems, po-wen, a week, and saw the flow of 25% are from the community, one month to get on-line message to 30% from the community to fully proved the correctness of this conclusion. 。The second week i went to the editor of a hot issues in an article po-wen to account to send customers article and recommended, click on the good and the response, the text to the business site to read the article number of 10%. once again prove that this view.

Second Unit: B2B Marketing: Innovation b2b industry website advertising to promote client's effect (II)

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