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Website: is the owner and publisher of the Yellow Pages, the Phone Book, Yellow Pages Mobile and the operator assisted 10-11-8 business enquiries. The information is also published online at where you can get access to Maps and Directions as well as B2B and CitySearch.

The company's head office is in Johannesburg and has six other branches in South Africa. Trudon publishes and distributes 19 regional books in all of the 9 provinces in South Africa. have also secured a joint venture with Telecom Namibia Limited whereby we compile, supply and deliver the directory in Namibia. offer an unsurpassed world-class product at affordable rates for all type and sizes of business in South Africa. This makes us a relevant media partner especially to the growing SMME businesses in a highly competitive South African economy. also has local and international share-holding.

Find business details fast! Yellow Pages Business Directory offers a comprehensive listing of South African businesses, as well as maps and city guides. - South Africa's Online Business Directory

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